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We are a software vendor and services firm based in Mechelen, Belgium. We are the maker of two commercial software products: IxorTalk (Professional IoT) and OOliba ERM (Solvency II compliance).

We use our experience, developed in shipping & maintaining these products, to build custom software solutions for great clients like Telenet, BNP Paribas Fortis, Doccle and many others. In all our projects we strive to create the perfect marriage between the left and right brain skills, embracing technology & design.

Have a look at our case studies and we encourage you to say hello or get in touch.  We do a periodical newsletter containing our tech and IOT highlights. You can register here.

Roel Verbeeck – Founder / Managing Director

What we do

Connect People, Devices and Software

The Internet of Things is the next big thing in technology. Connecting sensors, mobile devices, cloud apps, geolocation and other technologies allows the creation of valuable applications and new revenue opportunities for companies.

We have built a lot of experience in this area: our Parking Guidance and Highway Traffic Management systems for example tie together sensors, signalisation panels and geo-information to deliver real-time traffic information and guidance to car drivers

Build Innovative Web & Mobile Applications

Web & mobile applications have become increasingly easier to develop. Building really great applications that are user friendly, scalable, valuable, secure, easy to maintain and pluggable into an enterprise context is a completely different story though.

Combining our experience building enterprise-grade systems, an agile/lean project approach and focus on user experience we strive to build applications that make a difference.

Solve Complex Problems No-one Else Dares To Take On

We are a team of nerdy engineers, hands-on project managers and creative designers. We love to take on complex challenges pushing the limits of technology

Solving complex compliance modelling challenges in our Solvency II solution, developing next generation in-memory computing, … if your project is complex, just give us a call.

How we do it

Lean & Agile

The corner stones of our vision are the Agile methodology and the Lean Startup approach developed by Eric Ries. We believe that it is impossible to completely design & architect systems at the start of a project. Powerful software solutions are the result of frequent user interaction and experimentation.

This approach is not a plee for a disorganised project approach. To the contrary. Using Kanban techniques to structure and measure the input and output of the software delivery, the actual scope and delivery is managed in a much more efficient and transparant way. Using short feedback cycles we also prevent the development of applications that are completely misaligned with the business expectations.

Last but not least, our consultants operate as a well attuned team in constant interaction with you, the client. This is the kind of synergy that produces qualitative solutions that make a difference.

Powerful Technology

Get the right technology for the job leveraging standards, open source & proven frameworks guaranteeing great ROI

Agile & Lean

Build fast & deliver fast so that your (internal) customers actually get the software they want

Relentless Commitment

When you work with us you get yourself a partner who moves mountains to successfully deliver your project

Case studies

OOliba – Enterprise Risk Management for Insurers

Ixor builds cloud solution for Solvency II compliance

Solvency II is a fundamental review of the capital adequacy regime for the European insurance industry. It aims to establish a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards with the aim of increasing protection for policyholders. The strengthened regime should reduce the possibility of consumer loss or market disruption in insurance. Ixor has built a Solvency II cloud solution enabling insurers to get up & running quickly.


Computer, Laptop and Phone.

Digital Television

Bhaalu is a cloud TV recorder that distinguishes itself with it’s intuitive, browser based, user interface. Ixor helped to structure and organize the large Javascript code base so that it became maintainable and new features could be added with minimal risk for regression. Ixor also helped with the development of the Java backend for Bhaalu’s web shop.


Flexible solution for smarter cities

ixortalk combines speeds, reliability and security for numerous wireless data communication applications. This IoT platform ensures straightforward real-time monitoring, controlling and managing of installations. ixortalk software and hardware is penetrating into a range of smart cities sectors such as dynamic public transport, parking guidance, airport infrastructure, energy & utilities and healthcare.

De Lijn

Traveler Information System

Ixor built the Realtime Application Server (RTAS) which provides realtime information about the bus & tram schedules and announces possible delays. Travelers have the option to receive the delays by SMS. This system was rolled out to all stations in Flanders. For the same client we also implemented ramp metering to control the entry of merging vehicles in the main stream traffic.


Centralized, online document management & administration

This innovative startup was founded by Telenet, Acerta & CM and was recently joined by KBC, Waterlink, Watergroep and ACV. Ixor helped Doccle build a ground breaking and integrated solution that is easy to use for the end user and provides accessibility through different devices (desktop & mobile).

BNP Paribas Fortis


Ixor is proud to have been part of the development of CENTRIC, BNP Paribas’ new, integrated, multi-product, application-based platform. Providing corporate clients with seamless access to a comprehensive range of electronic transaction banking, FX and research products and services, CENTRIC launches in Hong Kong and Singapore before rolling out across Asia-Pacific.

Parking guidance for major cities in Belgium & The Netherlands

Intelligent traffic system & mobile applications

In 2005, the City of Ghent decided to improve the mobility in the city centre by implementing a modern Parking Guidance system & mobile app developed by Ixor. The objectives are to reduce search time, which in turn reduces congestion on the surrounding roads. In the meantime other cities have followed suit like Antwerp, Leuven, Mechelen, Kortrijk, Uden and Den Haag.

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How to get to the Ixor offices

Ixor is easily reachable by train.  Exit at Mechelen Central Station and go straight to the Hendrik Consciencestraat in front of the railway station. Our offices are at the opposite side of the crossroads.

Ixor is also reachable by car coming from the Ring.

Parking Station has 2 accesses:

1. coming from Exit Mechelen-Zuid E19 and driving toward the city center: take the roundabout in front of the railway station and exit via Stationsstraat -> drive into the narrow street in between the tearoom ‘Friends’ at your left hand side and the busparking at your right hand side. The parking entrance is in front of Kraft Foods at your right hand side.

2. coming from the Ring (Hendrik Speecqvest) : entrance at the beginning of Leuvensesteenweg on your right hand side.