ICT projects? They demand skills, insight, understanding and expertise. Our IT and tech experts make the difference.

How we find your match

Step 1 – Analysis - Qualify

Your goals take centre stage. We identify the skills you need to reach them and analyse the talent you have in your team. We provide anything that is missing. At Ixor we believe the better we understand our clients the better we can provide our service.

Step 2 – Pre-evaluation

After understanding your needs not only on technical skills and soft skills but also on teamfit and culture. You will receive a full presentation of the candidate with previous references and checked technical abilities. We pre-evaluate candidates to select the right expert with the right expertise.

Step 3 – Integration

Our expert joins your team. Short term, long term, project-based or for a more substantial role.

Step 4 - Follow-up

Our service does not stop after the service integration. Following the career path of our people also means a proper follow up at the clients on-premise. To achieve a consistent feedback loop from manager to candidate but also vice versa. This way we make sure to do the best we can to provide continuity of the project and contract.

Didier Debonnet
Managing Staffing & Outsourcing
I am passionate about people, how their profession has impact on their lives, and how to create amazing opportunities to let them gain professional and personal

Our IT recruiter

The best IT recruiters know the IT industry and the technology inside out. They understand the challenge you face and the skills you need to achieve your goals. They use this insight to provide the right experts.

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