Apple World Wide Developer Convention 2017

Rob - 2017-06-14


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Andy Jacobs, our IOS & Mac development specialist attended the World Wide Developers Conference and came back energized. Joining the WWDC is not an easy feat: you have to be a certified Apple developer and you have to win a lottery to just be able to purchase tickets. Safe to say: it's a pretty exclusive event. Andy was so kind to be our guest blogger and wrote a nice travel report on his trip to California:

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The most special week to all iOS/Mac developers has come to an end.

WWDC, or as we call it: 'Dub Dub', brought us numerous innovations and enhancements to the existing platforms.

We also got some new products and a sneak peek into some products that are going to be released later this year like the new MacBook Pro and then new iMac. We also saw some new products like the homepod and the iMac Pro. There were some exiting guest speakers as well!

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I arrived in the wonderfully warm San Jose on Saturday June 3rd after an 11h flight from Frankfurt. I had booked an Airbnb with some of the other Belgian iOS devs. On arrival we discovered that the Airbnb had canceled on us. Since the conference holds about 5000 people all the hotels and Airbnb's in the vicinity of the conference were completely booked full. We were forced to rent a motel about a 15-minute drive from the conference. Thanks to the amazing service of Lyft, we were able to get to the conference in no time and at the fraction of the cost of a regular taxi.

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On Sunday me and the other fellow Belgian attendees got a feel for the city, grabbed our WWDC badge and goodie bag, did some shopping and relaxed with some beers discussing our expectations for the coming week.

Monday, Keynote day, we got up at 5am, so we could stand in line at 6am, after getting our free cup of coffee, we lined up for 4hours among the other attendees (5000 in total), the keynote was as always a mix of surprises, anticipation, joy and astonishment. Being an attendee in 2013 and 2014, this keynote definitely matched up with the new Machine Learning capabilities, Augmented and Virtual Reality possibilities and the numerous other improvements.

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The next week brought lots of sessions, labs with apple engineers, mapbox and GitHub meetups with free food/cocktails/beers (thank you). And on Wednesday evening we had a get together with all the Belgian attendees we could find including a Belgian Apple engineer, having beers late into the night.

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On Thursday the week was coming to an end with the yearly Beer bash, free food, beers and music included.

The last session on Friday came quicker than I thought and before I knew it, I was back on the plane back to Belgium. I'm still jetlagged - a 9 hour time zone will seriously mess with your internal clock, but it was worth every second!

See you next year dub dub!

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